Why Us?

RedFowl Engineering Ltd. has been present for 20 years in the domestic and international gaming industry markets. We produce facilities and equipment for casinos, bingo and slot halls and work with partners from Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
Why are we the preferred partner of companies from three continents?
  • In a serious industry such as the gaming industry, high skill and experience are needed. For 20 years we have proven to possess both of these. And we continue to prove our capabilities every day, with each client and project
  • So far we have built 150 gaming premises in more than 7 countries, on 2 continents. In our case, this means we enjoy the confidence of hundreds of customers due to the quality and professionalism of implementation and maintenance
  • Our team of specialists is our pride and biggest asset. It is the highly qualified managers, software specialists, mathematicians, and mechanical engineers that have ensured our success and have turned our company into a unique brand
  • We have closed the entire circle – from product design through manufacturing to maintenance. That is how we guarantee our clients we can always be relied on and can react as quickly as possible in any situation
  • We stand behind each of our products with our name. That is why we are sure in the uncompromising quality we offer. The strict control over the entire production and operation cycle of our facilities, the experienced specialists and our excellent warranty and after-sales service are the surest possible warranty
  • During the 20 years in the business we have not failed to meet any implementation deadline. To us this means respect for our customers and their time
The experience gained in managing and exercising strict control over the gaming halls created by us has moves us forward and helped us expand continually. That is why our customers have long since become our trusted partners
And yet, our work speaks best for us!