Who we are

RedFowl Engineering Ltd. combines a team of managers, software specialists, mathematicians, mechanical engineers with 25 years’ experience in management and manufacturing of facilities and equipment for the gaming industry. Our expertise and accuracy are the reason why we are the preferred partner of casinos, bingo and slot halls in Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Up to now we have built more than 150 premises in the country and abroad.
The name of the company is well-known in the gaming industry in the national and foreign markets because:
  • We carefully survey the needs of our clients and strive to meet their expectations completely
  • We create innovative high-tech products, following the latest trends in the field
  • We offer a unique design coupled with guaranteed quality
  • We have created a highly qualified developmental activities team well able to perform ‘technological miracles‘;
  • We have a superb customer service which carries out excellent maintenance of our facilities and equipment so that our clients are provided for 24 hours of the day
  • We are constantly developing and never stop improving
  • We are constantly adding to our portfolio
  • We are flexible at every step of our business
  • We always try to deliver the best quality for price products
  • We respect the wishes of our clients and value their time
  • We deliver on our promises strictly complying with the given time limit
  • We are always there for the client closing the entire cycle – from the design to the maintenance of the equipment
  • In every project, we apply individual approach and creativity
These are not just words, but facts, which we have proven during our 25 years of successful history. Our products and clients are our guarantee for what we are and what we are able to do.
We have turned our work into commitment and mission so, in every project, everything is impeccably designed down to the smallest detail.
For more information about our company and products we would gladly have you contact us and find out in person who we are.