We believe we exist as an organization, because all people who play are given the opportunities for both entertainment and profit. We believe that self-respect and respect for others are the supreme human values. The people working in our organization are our faith, our value and our capital. They are our future. Money is the assessment of what we do. Funds are not our goal and would never be. They are an opportunity for progress and we put all our efforts in this direction, persistent efforts for permanent progress. We aim high, set ambitious goals and deliver great results. We also move quickly and make timely, well-reasoned decisions because our future depends on them.

to success

We believe that the key to success is to create, not to follow so we concentrate all of our energy in the things we do.
We know the difficulties that we face and we are not afraid to try.
It is important for us to understand our clients and to attempt to create new opportunities for them.
We believe that working consistently hard is what leads to success. That is why we dedicate our time to the improvement of our products


using only mechanical RNG

We Are

RedFowl Engineering Ltd. combines a team of managers, software specialists, mathematicians, mechanical engineers with 25 years’ experience in management and manufacturing of facilities and equipment for the gaming industry. Our expertise and accuracy are the reason why we are the preferred partner of casinos, bingo and slot halls in Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Up to now we have built more than 150 premises in the country and abroad.

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RedFowl Engineering Ltd. has been present for 20 years in the domestic and international gaming industry markets. We produce facilities and equipment for casinos, bingo and slot halls and work with partners from Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

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we do

Our company’s product portfolio is varied and constantly expanded. We are focused on developing games based on a mechanical random number generator.The company designs, manufactures and offers service of gaming facilities. Our products have an innovative design, modern technological solutions and excellent performance.

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